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Welcome to my online world. Within these pages, you'll find everything you need to know about booking a date with me, what to expect from our time together, and what I expect from you. Please only contact me once you're armed with the information contained on my website. 


I reside in the beautiful city of Erie Pennsylvania; where everything closes at 2 am. Presque Isle Park, Lake Erie Beach, and Waldameer are some of my favorite summer things. Andy's Pub, Doc Holidays and Texas Road House are some of my favorite places to eat and drink. Doc Holiday's and Andy's Pub make an amazing Sex on the Beach and Long Island Iced Tea.


My favorite city to tour (so far) is Pittsburgh. The exciting nightlife, great food and beautiful city just keep drawing me back in!


Screening is required before a date; please fill out my contact me page to start the screening process. Once you've passed the screening, I will notify you and approve your booking request.

With love,